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  • How do I make a reservation?

    You can book online 24/7 or call our office during business hours of 7AM – 11PM at 865-654-9065 and we will be happy answer any questions you may and send you a direct link to make your reservation.

  • What are check-in time and check-out times?

    Check-in time is 4:00 PM. Check-out time is 10:00 AM. Guests arriving earlier will be not be permitted to go into their unit without prior written consent. If the property you are renting is not on a turn on your date of arrival you can pay a non-refundable fee for an early 2PM check in. Early check in fee is as follows. 1 – 7 bedroom properties $250.00 plus applicable sales tax, 8 bedroom and larger properties $500.00 plus applicable sales tax.

  • How do I check in?

    About 7 to 10 days prior to your arrival date you will receive a Welcome Packet email with key codes and all necessary arrival information. You will to go directly to your cabin on the day of arrival. If you have any issues upon arrival you may call Stacy at 865-654-9065 for assistance. If you will be arriving to your cabin after 11PM to check in please let her know so she can make sure she is available after hours.

    Please note ALL required documents must be signed and returned and a copy of the front and back of your credit card and a copy of your driver’s license must be on file prior to SkyView Rentals sending out check in information.

  • What is your policy regarding pets?

    We have a strict NO PET policy. However, some cabin owners have chosen to allow pets in their cabins for a one time non-refundable fee of $250.00 for the first pet and $100.00 for each additional pet (2 dog limit). These pets are restricted to dogs ONLY and no larger than 30 pounds. Pets must be crated when left alone at the cabin. If damages are discovered in any unit, the guest will be charged for necessary repairs. If a pet is discovered in any cabin that is NOT designated as “pet-friendly” or the pet is not reported by the renter, there will be a fee of $500.00 for additional cleaning and/or misrepresentation.

  • When are fireplaces available for use?

    Gas or Wood Burning Fireplaces are available for use from October 1st through March 31st. These are the only times fires are permitted. Using fireplaces any other times during the year is Strictly Prohibited as it will cause the AC unit to freeze up and could result in major damage to it. If this occurs the guest will be charged for any and all trip charges and repairs to the AC unit and an additional cleaning fee of $350.00 will be charged if fireplaces are used at any other times. Some of the cabins have electric fireplaces. These may be used and you will only need to push the power button. Electric fireplaces can be set to emit heat. Our staff will have them set with this feature turned off from April 1 – October 1. Guests are NOT allowed to change any setting on them. If settings are found to be changed to emit heat you will be charged as described above regarding AC units.

  • What is provided at the property?

    We provide a STARTER set of toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, liquid dish detergent, dishwasher packets, and trash bags. Once the starter set is used you would be responsible for purchasing additional supplies. All beds are mad with fresh linens and we provide a fresh set of towels and wash cloths. We also supply the sheets and towels for the sofa sleepers your convenience. You may want to bring a large beach towel for the hot tub. We do not laundry detergent.

  • Is the kitchen fully equipped?

    The kitchen will have all your basic needs including a refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, can-opener, coffeepot, dishes, utensils, toaster, basic pots and pans. If you plan to cook for a large group or special occasion, you might want to bring large baking pots and pans from home. Each cabin is furnished by its owner, so details can vary. Please contact Stacy 865-654-9065 if you have questions.

  • What about maintenance?

    Maintenance is available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. After 6pm maintenance is dispatched on emergency calls only. Please note it is vitally important that you contact us ASAP when you have a maintenance issue, question or concern. Stacy is available to take your call from 7AM to 9PM and will check voicemails and text messages after that so if you do have an issue arise at anytime please let her know immediately as we want to address things as soon as possible to ensure you best vacation experience. You can call or text her anytime at 865-654-9065 is you have questions. Please note sending a text or calling is the fastest way to reach her as emails sometimes take longer.

  • What if there is a power outage?

    If your power goes out, call Stacy at 865-654-9065 and she will report your condition. Please let her know if you have any information regarding the reason for the outage so she can relay it to Sevier County Electric. By doing this it may possibly move things along more quickly but there still is no guarantee. Sorry, refunds can NOT be given for power outages. If your rental unit will be out of power for a considerable time we will do our best to move you to a different unit pending availability.

  • Insects and Pest Control?

    Please keep in mind you are in the mountains. Properties are more prone to have insects and small rodents enter the cabins. This is beyond our control. All properties are professionally inspected and treated monthly by our Licensed Pest Control Company. Should you see anything in the cabin please contact Stacy at 865-654-9065 immediately to get the addressed and dispatch pest control.


    SkyView Rentals HIGHLY recommends you purchase travel insurance during the Fall and Winter Months. We DONOT issue refunds or credits due to SNOW OR ENCLEMENT WEATHER CONDITIONS. If you are scheduled to be in a cabin that is up a steep mountain road that is inaccessible, then we will try to relocate you to a cabin that is not so high up pending availability. If we do not have an alternate cabin and you purchased the travel insurance you will be able to contact them to file a claim for reimbursement. Without the travel insurance we are not able to offer a discount, refund or rescheduling of your dates due to SNOW OR ENCLEMENT WEATHER CONDITIONS.

  • What about overflow parking?

    You should have enough parking at each property for the number of vehicles stated on each property description. However, we realize that it is not always conducive for everyone to drive together and the need may arise for additional parking during your stay. If this is an issue, please contact Stacy at 865-654-9065 and she will assist you as to where the overflow parking for your property is.

  • What about noise and when is quiet time for my property?

    Each location has their own set of rules regarding noise. ALL properties ask that you respect other properties and guest around you and keep all noise to a minimum. Quiet times will be included in your Welcome Packet Email as well as posted in each property.

  • Lost and found…What if we leave something behind and need/want it returned?

    SkyView Rentals, LLC and our staff are not responsible for any and all items left behind. We highly recommend you do one final sweep through the property to check for left behind items. However, if you do find you have left something and would like it returned to you please contact Stacy IMMEDIATELY upon discovering you have left something behind. She will make a reasonable effort to locate the item. If the item is found she will take it to the local UPS store along with your contact information. UPS will package your item and contact you to verify shipping information and to collect payment. Again, Please note: SkyView Rentals, LLC, Stacy Cole and any and all of our staff are not responsible for any items left behind or any damaged to items left behind.

  • What if I need to ship something to the cabin prior to my arrival?

    You cannot ship items directly to our properties as USPS, UPS or FEDEX will not deliver them. Should you need something shipped to you prior to or during your stay we can provide you with an address you can ship to and pick up once your items arrives. SkyView Rentals, LLC and our staff are NOT responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items shipped to any and all addresses.

  • What about hot tubs and whirlpools?

    Al hot tubs and whirpools are completely drained, sanitized and filled with fresh water after each checkout. You will also find a plastic part with small round disks in it. This is supposed to be in the hot tub or whirlpool at ALL times as it contains the chemicals to keep the hot tub or whirlpool sanitized. DO NOT REMOVE THIS FLOATER AT ANYTIME. There will also be additional instructions and what to do should your hot tub or whirlpool needs attention during your stay on your rental agreement and check in information. If your unit is furnished with a hot tub or whirlpool, you are responsible for any damage caused by misuse by yourself or your guests. Do not let children play on or around the hot tub or whirlpool. Do not let children use the hot tub or whirlpool unattended. Do not put bubbles, dish detergent, or any similar agent into the hot tub or whirlpool as extensive damage to the motor will result and you will be charged to repair it. Do not stand or sit on the hot tub cover. Guest are responsible for damages to the hot tub or whirlpool and hot tub cover. These covers start at $450.00 and go up from there.

  • What do we do at check-out or if we need an additional trash pick up during our stay?

    Check-out time is at 10:00 AM and is strictly enforced. There is detailed instructions in your Welcome Packet Email regarding all Checkout procedures. Should you need a trash pickup during your stay call at Stacy at 865-654-9065 at least 24 hours prior to needing the pick up so she can get it scheduled. DO NOT put trash anywhere outside of the cabin expect in the locked bear proof containers. Guests who leave trash out other than in the locked bear proof containers and it gets scattered will be charged for the cost to clean it up.


SkyView Rentals, LLC has a strict minimum age requirement and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
SkyView Rentals, LLC is not responsible for any injuries, or lost valuables of any kind.

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